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Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Revised January 2015
  1. Introduction

  2. Objective

  3. Actions

  4. Complaints Procedure

  5. Plan review

 The Equal Opportunity Plan for Brantford Police Service incorporates the following components:

     • The recommended Statement of Principles as issued for Ontario police services by the 
        Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services:

        The Brantford Police Service believes effective workplace policies and  
        practices are founded on the merit principle - selecting the best person for the
        job. The Brantford Police Service supports a fair and inclusive workplace in
        which all applicants have an opportunity to fulfill their potential; in which
        barriers to achievement are identified and removed and prevented; and in
        which, as provided in the Ontario Human Rights Code, every person has a
        right to equal treatment with respect to employment without discrimination.
        Accordingly, the Brantford Police Service affirms its support for and adherence to the
        following principles:
            o Merit being the basis of hiring which allows individuals to be judged on their
            o Taking the necessary steps to eliminate barriers to equal opportunity, including   
               systemic barriers, and to prevent new ones from being established;
            o Taking the necessary steps to eliminate discrimination and harassment by   
               effectively preventing it, and responding to it in a manner consistent with zero  
            o Ensuring that all individuals are given equal opportunity for employment,
               regardless of race, sex, creed, colour, age, religion, national origin, or physical
     • The plan identifies four prescribed groups: aboriginal people, members of racial  
        minorities, people with physical impairments, and women.
     • The Brantford Police Service advertises as an "Equal Opportunity Employer" as
        evidenced by the recruiting section of our website, job advertisements and other
     • Sworn applicants to the Brantford Police Service have a complaints procedure, which is
       detailed in this plan if a barrier is perceived in our testing process.
     • The objective of the plan is to ensure equal opportunities for employment and
        employment conditions for persons in the prescribed groups.

     • The Brantford Police Service will in recruiting processes for both civilian and sworn 
        members, distribute voluntary self-identification questionnaires to all applicants in
        order to identify and track systemic barriers as they apply to the recruit testing as a
     • An annual review of the Service's present employment policies, practices and
        procedures will be conducted, relevant to their effective impact on the employment and
        utilization of the prescribed groups.
     • The Recruiting Coordinator consults with all unsuccessful applicants, both civilian and
        sworn, who wish to peruse their test results in an effort to assist them in successfully
        meeting the standards should they wish to re-test with the Brantford Police Service at
        a later date.
     • The Service will provide training to its members on race relations, diversity and human
        rights and the Service's policy on Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Workplace
        Harassment will be reviewed with its members on an annual basis.
Complaints Procedure

There are different avenues available should an applicant perceive there is a barrier or discrimination in our sworn recruiting process and wish to complain.

     • A complaint against police may be generated in accordance with the Police Services
        Act. Information on the public complaint process and relevant forms are available upon
        request at the front desk of the police station or the website of the Office of the
        Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD).
     • To challenge the process as discriminatory:
            o The applicant shall advise the Recruiting Coordinator, in writing, within seven days
               of notification of failure to meet any of the recruitment standards.
            o The applicant will be notified in writing, within thirty days of receipt of the
               complaint, of a meeting date and time with the Recruiting Coordinator and/or the
               Inspector i/c Administrative Support Branch. Following this meeting, if the
               applicant is not satisfied with the results, the complaint will be forwarded to the
               Inspector i/c Quality Assurance by the Recruiting Coordinator.
            o The Inspector i/c Quality Assurance will meet with the Chief of Police to adjudicate
               the complaint. The Inspector i/c Quality Assurance shall notify the applicant, in
               writing, within thirty days of receiving the decision of the Chief of Police.
            o If the applicant’s concerns remain unresolved, they shall notify the Chief of Police
               in writing, within thirty days of receipt of the Chief’s decision.  
            o The Chief of Police shall then bring the matter to the attention of the Police
               Services Board for their adjudication. If the complaint cannot be resolved at the
               Police Services Board level, the final avenue for the applicant would be a referral
               to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Plan Review

The Equal Employment Opportunity Plan will be reviewed by the Inspector i/c Administrative Support Branch and the Recruiting Coordinator on an annual basis.

Recommendations for improvements to the employment policies, practices and procedures of the Brantford Police Service shall be submitted by the Inspector i/c Administrative Support Branch to the Chief of Police.