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Q – Am I able to report lost licence plates or a stolen vehicle online? 

A –  No, you must report a stolen vehicle in person to the Brantford Police Service or via telephone at 519-756-7050.  To report and replace a lost licence plate please visit the following MTO link

Q – Can I file a report for something that happened in another city or on a provincial highway? 

A – No, for incidents that occurred outside the Brantford city limits, or on a highway, please call the appropriate police service for that jurisdiction.

Q – What is a suspect? 

A – A suspect is when you or someone else knows the person who allegedly committed the crime or knows the licence plate of the vehicle the suspects were in. A suspect may also be identified through video surveillance that you know exists. 

Q – Can I report a lost passport or other government issued ID online? 

A – No, you will need to speak with an officer for these reports. Call 519-756-7050  and ask to speak with a dispatcher for further direction. (A driver's Licence you can report online)

Q – Am I able to advise that I have found property that I previously reported as stolen or lost online? 

A – Yes, fill out a "supplemental report” and in the incident description, advise that you are reporting that you found property you previously reported as lost or stolen.

Q – In what languages can I submit a report? 

A – Only English at this time 

Q – What kind of reports can I submit online? 

   A- • Damage to Vehicle (other than by collision and under $5000)
       • Theft (Under $5000)
       • Lost Property (Under $5000)
       • Mischief/Damage to Property (Under $5000)
       • Theft from Vehicle (Under $5000)
       • Lost or Stolen Driver’s License
       • Stolen Vehicle Plates

Q - What if my wallet was stolen and it contained numerous pieces of identification?

A - When reporting a lost/stolen wallet, please enter each item separately in the property section.  Ex. Debit Card, Credit Card, Health Card, Driver's Licence etc.           

Q – Can I contact someone to provide feedback or report problems with the site? 

A – You can email:

  If you are a victim of crime, please know that under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights, you are entitled to information and services including the right to make a victim impact statement. Please call 519-752-3140.