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Crime Brief - July 2, 2019

Jul 2, 2019

Type:   Stolen Motor Vehicle 
Incident:  19- 24568
Location:    Sixth Ave 
Incident:    On Sunday June 30, 2019 at around 12:00 p.m. Community Patrol Officers located a stolen vehicle parked behind a residential complex on Sixth Ave.  The vehicle had been reported stolen the previous night from Brantford.  Officers observed a female sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle.  Officers were able to successfully arrest the female driver before the vehicle was able to leave the area.  While dealing with the accused she was found to be in possession of identify documents (drivers licence and other identification) along with credit and back cards from three separate people that had previously been reported stolen.  As a result of the investigation a 27 year old Brantford woman is charged with Possession of Stolen Property Under $5000 and Possession of Identity Documents x3 under the Criminal Code.   

Type:   Stolen Motor Vehicle
Incident:  19-2613
Location:    Erie Ave
Incident:    On Sunday June 30, 2019 just before 6:00 p.m. Brantford Police Service responded to a motor vehicle collision on Erie Ave.  A vehicle had run the stop sign and contacted another vehicle and then fled the scene.  Community Patrol Officers attended the collision scene where they located a male driver who was suffering from a head injury.  The driver was treated by emergency medical services for non-life threatening injuries.  Investigation revealed that the other vehicle involved had just been stolen.  As Officers were investigating the incidents a report was received that the stolen vehicle was just involved in another collision on Highway 403.  The stolen vehicle had left the roadway and had gone into the ditch and a female driver was seen fleeing the area on foot.  Community Patrol Officers attended to the area where they were able to locate and arrest the female without incident.   Information was received that the accused was currently bound by two court orders with conditions.  As a result of the investigations a 25 year old Brantford women has been charged with Theft of Motor Vehicle, Possession Stolen Property Over $5000, Breach of Probation and Disobey Court Order under the Criminal Coe.  She is also charged with Fail to Remain x2 under the Highway Traffic Act.            
Type:   Disturbance
Incident:  19-24526
Location:   Nelson Street 
Incident:  On Sunday June 30, 2019 just after 3:00 a.m. Brantford Police Service responded to a disturbance call at an address on Nelson Street.  A male was yelling and screaming and causing a disturbance at the residence and was refusing to leave.  Community Patrol Officers attended to the residence where they located the male outside yelling and screaming.  Officers were able to speak to the male, calmed him and sent him on his way without incident.  Shortly after leaving the male started to yell and scream again and was now causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood.  Officers located and arrested the male without incident.  Information was received that the accused was currently bound by two court orders with conditions.  A 47 year old male has been charged with Causing a Disturbance, Breach of Recognizance and Breach of Probation. 
Type:   Prohibited Driver 
Incident:  19-24228
Location:   King George Road 
Incident:    On Friday June 28, 2019 just after 10:00 a.m. Community Patrol Officers were conducting road safety enforcing in the area of King George Road and Fairview Drive.  Officers observed a male driver, driving while using a cell phone.  The driver was stopped and spoken to.  Investigation revealed that the drivers licence was currently suspended as he was a prohibited driver Canada wide.  As a result of the investigation a 58 year old Hamilton male is charged with Drive While Prohibited under the Criminal Code as well as Drive – Hand Held Communication Device under the Highway Traffic Act.  The drivers vehicle was impounded for 45 days.  

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