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Crime Brief - November 21, 2017

Nov 21, 2017

Type:  Counterfeit Money
Incident: 17-44603
Location: Fairview Drive
Incident: On Monday November 20, 2017 shortly after 9:00 a.m. a business on Fairview Drive contacted Brantford Police Service about a suspected counterfeit $100 Canadian bill.  An unknown male had attended into the store, purchased an item of low cost and paid for the item with a $100 Canadian bill.  The unknown male received his change and left the store without incident.  Employees from the store later suspected the bill was counterfeit. 

The Brantford Police Service Fraud Unit has confirmed that they have received several reports involving suspected counterfeit money over the past two weeks.  Suspects will usually purchase an item of low cost in order to receive the maximum amount of change in return. The bills that have been passed recently are the Canadian $100 and $20 Polymer bills.  These counterfeit bills may have ink that is flaking off the paper or look deteriorated, uneven cuts and have an improper security strip. Businesses are reminded to take the time to look over and check bills for their built in security features. 

  These features include:
  - Frosted Maple Leaf Window
  - Raised Ink
  - Metallic Portrait and/or Building
  - Large Transparent Window

  Visit the Bank Of Canada website for further information on Counterfeit Prevention

Type:  Break and Enter - Commercial
Incident:  17- 44602
Location:  Colborne Street (400 Block)
Incident:  On Monday November 20, 2017 a business on Colborne Street reported a Break and Enter.  Sometime overnight unknown person(s) gained access through a side door, once inside they caused damage to the interior of the property.  At the time of the report it was unknown what was taken. 

Type:  Threats
Incident:  17- 44716
Location:  Colborne Street 
Incident: On Monday November 20, 2017 just after 10:00 p.m. Brantford Police Service were contacted regarding an online threat made towards a local high school.  A concerned citizen saw a video posted online where a student had made threats towards a local school.  Community Patrol Officers investigated the incident and identified a 13 year old suspect.  On Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 12:30 a.m. a 13 year old Brantford male was arrested and has been charged with Uttering Threats to Cause Bodily Harm or Death and was held for a bail hearing.

The Brantford Police Service reminds people that online or social-media posts are taken very seriously and are not treated as juvenile pranks.  The BPS treats acts of violence or threats of violence the same, they will be fully investigated and if warranted charges will be laid.  These acts include the threat to public safety and our community.     

   "Crime Prevention through Education and Awareness?