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Fraud ? Lottery Scam

Dec 14, 2017

 Incident: 17-47504
Incident: On December 1, 2017 a woman received a telephone call from an unknown female advising that she had won a lottery prize of $7,000.00. The victim, a 90 year old Brantford woman was instructed to send $250.00 via MoneyGram in order to pay for fees associated with receiving her prize money. On December 11, 2017 the victim received a second call advising that she needed to send another MoneyGram for $250.00.   The woman paid the second amount and then believed that she may be a victim of a fraud and contacted police. 

How this scam works;
You receive an unsolicited notification that you have won a prize by mail, email, text
message, social media or telephone.
The prize could be a trip, cash or electronic equipment.
To claim your prize you are asked to pay a fee, for administration costs, courier charges,
government fees or insurance costs in order for your prize to be delivered.
The fraudster will usually insist that you respond quickly to paying the fee so you don?t
lose out on receiving the prize. Also the victim is usually told not to tell anyone about the
prize to maintain security or prevent someone else from receiving your prize. This tactic
is used to ensure that the victim doesn?t have an opportunity to ask a trusted friend or
family member questions about the phone call.

The Brantford Police wish to remind everyone of the importance of fraud education and protecting oneself from becoming a victim.  Read below for tips on how to protect you from fraud. We also encourage spreading the word to those who might be vulnerable to these fraudsters such as the elderly who may be targets to these unscrupulous individuals who use deception and high pressure tactics.-  Constable Natalie Laing

? Never give out personal information/credit card information to an unknown source over the telephone and/or unsecured email
? You can stop a telephone scam by hanging up
? When contacted about your personal accounts never click on a web link attached to the email to ?verify? or confirm?
? Confirm with family members or your bank before transferring any funds  
? Never agree to give cash to anyone unknown to you in exchange for a cheque written to you by that individual
? Educate yourself by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre?s website at

Tipsters who wish to remain anonymous are asked to contact Brant-Brantford Crime Stoppers at 519-750-8477 or 1-800-222-8477. Alternatively, a web tip may be submitted at:

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