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The Government of Ontario establishes the framework for policing through the Police Services Act, and imposes more detailed requirements through prescribed standards and regulations for police services.

The Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services has the statutory authority to establish guidelines and directives for the administration of law enforcement and public safety in Ontario.

Locally, each municipality maintaining a police service is required through legislation to establish a structure, commonly known as a Police Services Board, through which these standards and regulations are administered.

The Police Services Board is the legal entity and authority for the organization and is ultimately accountable for the proper conduct of the organization's business. The Board is further responsible for the provision of police services and for law enforcement and crime prevention, generally determined after consultation with the Chief of Police.

The Brantford Police Services Board consists of two (2) Council Members appointed by resolution of the Municipal Council, (1) Community Member appointed by Municipal Council and two (2) persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

To contact the Brantford Police Services Board:

The members of the 2022 Brantford Police Services Board are:

Chair -                 Mark Littell
Vice-Chair -     Councillor Greg Martin
Member -          Councillor Dan McCreary 
Member -          Karen George
Member -          Tammy Bonner



DATE:     January 21, 2022
SUBJECT:    Brantford Police Services Board Elects Chair and Vice-Chair for 2022

At the January 13, 2022, meeting of the Brantford Police Services Board, a unanimous vote amongst the board members declared the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair for 2022.
Continuing in their previously held positions, both Chair Mark Littell and Vice-Chair Councillor Greg Martin have been long-serving members of the Police Services Board. 
Other members of the board include Councillor Dan McCreary, Tammy Bonner, and Karen George.
"While 2021 saw many challenges for the board, the service, and the community, dealing with the pandemic, we look forward to moving the service forward in 2022, continuing our development of a strong community-based police service.  We are committed to working with Chief Rob Davis and are furthering our focus on the most vulnerable and visible areas of the city, implementing a strategy targeting drugs, violent crimes, human trafficking and child exploitation.”   -Chair Mark Littell
"On behalf of the membership of the Brantford Police Service, Deputy Chief Saunders, and myself, I would like to congratulate Mark Littell and Councillor Greg Martin on their re-election as Chair and Vice-Chair of the board. We look forward to continued support and collaboration with the board as the Brantford Police Service continues to change, modernize and diversify in order to best serve our community.”  -Chief Rob Davis, Brantford Police Service


DATE:     November 29, 2021
SUBJECT:    Appointment of New Member to Brantford Police Services Board

At the November 23, 2021, meeting of Brantford City Council, Mayor Kevin Davis resigned from his position on the Brantford Police Services Board. To fill the vacancy, and replace the position previously held by Mayor Kevin Davis, City Councillor Dan McCreary was appointed by Brantford City Council as the newest member of the Brantford Police Services Board. The term will expire November 15, 2022.
First elected to Brantford City Council in 2003, Councillor McCreary is now serving his fifth term, proudly representing residents of Ward 3. In addition to his recent appointment to the Brantford Police Services Board, Councillor McCreary also serves as the current Chair of the Social Services Committee, Chair of the Human Resources Committee and is the council delegate for the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant, as well as the Brantford Heritage Committee.
Councillor McCreary previously served on the Police Services Board from 2004 to 2005.
 "I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mayor Kevin Davis for his past service on the Police Services Board and for his indulgence in trading assignments for 2021-2022. I look forward to working closely with Chief Davis, Deputy Saunders and our police men and women to reflect the policing priorities expected by the community. Our police are second to none.” – Councillor Dan McCreary
"On behalf of the Police Services Board, we extend our welcome to Councillor McCreary as he joins the Board and look forward to working co-operatively with him during his term of appointment.”  - Chair, Mark Littell 
"We would like to thank Mayor Kevin Davis for his contributions and welcome Councillor Dan McCreary to the Police Services Board.”  – Chief Rob Davis
Other Board members are Chair Mark Littell, Vice Chair Councillor Greg Martin, Karen George and Tammy Bonner.
Authorized by:
Mark Littell
Chair, Brantford Police Services Board


DATE:     May 4, 2020
SUBJECT:    Appointment of New Member to Brantford Police Services Board

Tammy Bonner has recently been appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council as a member of the Brantford Police Services Board for a three-year term. 

A resident of the City of Brantford, Ms. Bonner has worked for more than 25 years in public accounting including over 16 years with Millards Chartered Professional Accountants.  She has worked with firms ranging in size from boutique to national servicing small, medium and large corporations.  Her work experience has involved the writing and implementing of manuals for small businesses across Canada to navigate the accounting process.  While presenting regular seminars at the Toronto Board of Trade, a need for specialized assistance was recognized and a bookkeeping and consulting service was established.  Since 1998, Ms. Bonner has been working closely with businesses across various industries, offering a range of bookkeeping, planning and employee training services.  

Ms. Bonner’s community involvement includes volunteering with several organizations including Brant Animal Aid Foundation and Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.  


Other Board members are Chair Mark Littell; Vice Chair Councillor Greg Martin; Mayor Kevin Davis and Karen George.

Authorized by:

Mark Littell

Chair, Brantford Police Services Board