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Crime Stoppers of Brant

Crime Stoppers of Brant

Crime Stoppers of Brant

The History of Crime Stoppers

Image: CrimeStoppers Logo

Although Crime Stoppers has been in our country for over 20 years, its roots can be traced back to 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The program was conceived by Canadian-born Detective Greg MacAleese, a member of the Albuquerque Police Department. While investigating a brutal murder, without any leads, Detective MacAleese offered a cash reward, with his own funds, for information leading to an arrest of a suspect. Detective MacAleese guaranteed that whatever information was presented would not contain the name of the informant, thereby guaranteeing anonymity. A re-enactment of the crime was presented by local television stations. The suspects were subsequently arrested and convicted of the crime.


In 1982 Crime Stoppers crossed the U.S. Border to Canada, arriving in Calgary, Alberta. In 1984, thanks to a group of community-minded local citizens, the Brantford Police Service, and local media, our chapter of Crime Stoppers was formed. Our local Crime Stoppers became only the fifth program in the country! The Brantford Police Service is proud of our involvement in helping to deliver this important, crime-fighting tool to our community.

Crime Stoppers of Brant/Brantford Inc. is a community partnership involving volunteers from the City, County, local media, and area police agencies. The Brantford Police Service and the Brant County Ontario Provincial Police each dedicate one full-time police officer to serve as coordinators. Constable Ed Bragg of the Brantford Police Service is currently assigned as program coordinator. There is a 13-member board of directors under the leadership of Chair John Hart. All past and present members of Crime Stoppers of Brant/Brantford Inc. are proud of  the overwhelming results. Statistics prove the program’s success which is evident when over $34,000,000 worth of recovered property and seized drugs has been realized!


Image: Photo of Ed Bragg

BPS Constable Ed Bragg - Program Coordinator

How Does Crime Stoppers Work?

A tipster phones a toll-free number with information on a crime. The tipster is assigned a code number and instructed to call back in a week or so, using the code number. By providing a code number instead of a name, the tipster’s identity remains anonymous. A Crime Stoppers Coordinator passes the information provided by the tipster along to a police investigator. The police officer investigates the information from the tipster and subsequently reports the results to a Crime Stoppers Coordinator. Upon calling back, the tipster is advised of the results of the investigation. If the information leads to an arrest, the tipster is advised to call back after the Crime Stoppers Board meeting, where the amount of the reward is determined. The Crime Stoppers Coordinators report the results of the tips at a monthly Board meeting and recommend a reward based on the crime and point chart determined. However, it is the Board that decides if a reward is appropriate and if so, it can increase or decrease the amount recommended by the coordinator.

Program Statistics - Current as of March 3, 2023 


Image: Crime Stoppers Stats

For more information on Brant-Brantford Crime Stoppers and the fund-raising events in store, please visit www.crimestoppersbb.com

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