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In Person

The Brantford Police Service is located at 344 Elgin Street, Brantford.

EFFECTIVE Friday, March 8, 2024 our reception desk will now have revised hours.

You may attend at our reception area Monday to Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. for assistance.

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Emergencies or Crimes in Progress (9-1-1)

If you require emergency assistance, or want to report a crime in progress, please call 9-1-1. An emergency is any situation where people or property are at risk (including but not limited to fires, crimes in progress or medical emergencies). When to call 911...What is an emergency.

Non-Emergency: 519-756-7050

If you require police assistance, but are not in an emergency situation (e.g. reporting thefts, vandalism, fraud) or for other situations where no person or property is in immediate danger, please call our non-emergency telephone number at 519-756-0113 or 519-756-7050. Depending on the circumstances, your call may be directed to a Resource Officer.

Online Reporting

Many crimes can be reported online at this link: click here 


  • Damage to Vehicle (other than by collision and under $5000)
  • Theft (Under $5000)
  • Lost Property (Under $5000)
  • Mischief/Damage to Property (Under $5000)
  • Theft from Vehicle (Under $5000)
  • Lost or Stolen Driver's License 
  • Stolen Vehicle Plates
  • Fraud Under $25,000/Identity Theft 
  • Traffic or Driving Complaints - Not in Progress
  • Erratic/Dangerous Driving Complaint 
  • Neighbourhood traffic-related issues (speeding)
  • School Bus Violations 

What you will need to file an ONLINE report:

  • The report must be filed by the owner of the damaged property or authorized representative or the finder of property or authorized representative.
  • A valid email address.
  • Complete incident address and contact address information.
  • A Driver's License, ownership, insurance information (if applicable).

Language Line

The Brantford Police Service subscribes to a Language Line Service which assists our Communications personnel in receiving information from non-English speaking 9-1-1 callers.

By Mail

The mailing address for the Brantford Police Service is: P.O. Box 1116, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, N3T 5T3

By Email 

The Brantford Police Service does not accept information to initiate occurrence reports via email.  

People wishing to report an incident to our Service or seek advice on a matter must do so in person or by calling the Brantford Police Service at 519-756-7050.  Police Resource Officers work in our Communications Section 24hrs/day. They are able to take reports of a minor nature over the telephone or provide you with guidance or advice on situations of a non-emergent nature.

Prioritizing of Calls for Service

The Brantford Police Service Communications Staff works on a priority system, using answers to their questions to prioritize calls from the highest priorities to lower priorities. For example, a crime in progress or a motor vehicle accident with injuries would be assigned higher priorities than a barking dog or a theft, not in progress. Higher priority calls are dispatched before lower priority calls. It is our goal to provide you with the most efficient and prompt service possible. By prioritizing our calls we are better able to respond to higher priority, more serious crime incidents in a timely manner. Whenever possible, callers will be advised of delays.

Wireless and Internet based Telephones Services...9-1-1 Warning

Crime Stoppers

If you have information about a crime that you would like to report anonymously, please call Crime Stoppers at 519-750-TIPS (8477) or toll-free: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Tips may also be sent via e-mail by visiting