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Sworn Recruiting

Sworn Recruiting

Sworn Recruiting

UPDATE - OACP - Constable Selection System 

News Release 

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The Brantford Police Service is currently accepting applications for the position of Sworn Constable


The Brantford Police Service is currently reviewing its application and selection process for the position of Sworn Constables in light of the recent review and changes by the OACP.  Some of the selection stages may differ from the list below.  Please note that we are looking at implementing a fitness component to our selection process to accompany the fitness logs.  The fitness requirements to successfully pass the Ontario Police College are Stage 7 of the Shuttle Run and completing the PREP course in the required allotted time (2 minutes and 37 seconds).


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Thank you for your interest with the Brantford Police Service. We are currently accepting applications for the position of Sworn Constable.  It is recommended that you review all the information below in detail prior to submitting a completed application package.

The Brantford Police Service offers successful candidates the opportunity for a long and rewarding career in law enforcement with an opportunity for advancement while receiving police training and performing a variety of functions within the Service.

For a description of the duties and responsibilities of a police officer and for information on minimum qualifications and the selection process, please see below.

We strongly encourage women and members of visible minority groups to consider a career in policing and apply to be a constable with our Service. The Brantford Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

Those interested in a career in Law Enforcement with the Brantford Police Service should be aware of the following:


* Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
* be at least 18 years of age;
* hold an Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma or equivalent;
* physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position having regard to their safety and to the safety of the public;
* valid Class G driver's licence with no more than six demerit points;
* have vision within acceptable standards:
* uncorrected visual acuity - least 20/40 (6/12) binocularly (both eyes open);
* corrected visual acuity - at least 20/20 (6/6) binocularly; minimum requirements regarding refractive surgery, farsightedness (hyperopia), colour vision and peripheral vision. With regards to laser surgery and Intra-Ocular lenses, acceptable, but applicants must meet specific standards.
* hearing is acceptable if the applicant is able to hear tones at the following frequencies and related decibel levels - candidates may also be required to undergo a speech recognition test as part of their hearing assessment.
* four-frequency average (500, 1000, 2000, 3000 Hz) of 25 dB HL;
* thresholds at none of these single frequencies shall exceed 35 dB HL and thresholds at 4000 Hzshall not exceed 45 dB HL.
* valid Standard First Aid and CPR Certificates;
* of good moral character and habits, meaning being an individual other people would look upon as being trustworthy and having integrity;
* not have criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been obtained;


* respond to calls for service
* confront and resolve emergency and non-emergency situations in a manner that protects lives and property
* maintain public order and provide assistance
* enforce laws, investigate and when appropriate, arrest offenders, lay information and prepare cases for court
* prepare and submit timely and complete verbal and written reports concerning investigations and police service activities
* actively identify problems in the community
* submit regular progress reports


We recommend that you carefully review all the information listed below and ensure that you have all the mandatory required documents before you submit your application package.

* Application Package must include the following documents in order for your application to be processed. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

PLEASE NOTE : You do not need the OACP Certificate to apply to the Brantford Police Service.  If you have already obtained the OACP certificate you are welcome to include it in your application package for us to review. 

  1. Application for Police Constable
  2. Applicant Survey Form
  3. Cover letter and resume (include special skills, languages, related experience and commitment to volunteerism including the organizations, duties and hours).
  4. Copies of all high school, post-secondary transcripts (completed/incomplete programs)
  5. Copies of any other Certificates which demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning
  6. Copies of Reference Letters (signed, dated and less than 5 years old)
  7. Checklist of Mandatory Information Form 
  8. Copy of Drivers Licence and Birth Certificate (all numbers must be readable). If born outside of Canada, copy of Citizenship and/or Landed Immigrant status showing birth date.
  9. Completed Authorization for Release of Information (signed/witnesses).


Selection Process:

Stage 1: Pre-Interview Assessment 
Stage 2: Application Package Submission
Stage 3: Local Focus Written/Essay and Pre-Background Questionnaire
Stage 4: Local Focus Blended and Developmental/Essential Competency Interview
Stage 5: Senior Officer Panel Interview
Stage 6: Psychological Assessment - Written and In-Person Interview 
Stage 7: Background Investigation 
Stage 8: Comprehensive Medical Examination
Stage 9: Chief and Deputy Chief Interview
Stage 10: Final Selection Decision    


NOTE: A fitness evaluation maybe required during the application process and will consist of either the Fitness PIN or the PREP Test and the Shuttle Run.   

Shortly after hiring, cadets will be sent to the Ontario Police College for the Basic Constable Training Course.

As a result of provincial legislation effective January 1st, 2007 recruits not having already successfully completed the Ontario Police College Basic Constable Training Course will be required to pay a fee.  At this time this fee has currently been suspended.

Applications for Sworn Police Constable will continuously be accepted for future consideration and must be directed to:  

       Brantford Police Service
       P.O. Box 1116
       Brantford, ON N3T 5T3
       E-Mail: resumes@police.brantford.on.ca
       Fax: 1-519-756-4272


Or you may drop off your completed application package at the front desk of the Brantford Police Service located at 344 Elgin Street, Brantford attention: Recruiting.

Selected applicants will be notified by telephone and/or email if invited to attend for testing and interviews. Applicants not selected will receive a letter advising that they will not be proceeding through our hiring process.

For further information regarding our recruiting process you may contact:               

Constable Jaime Price

Recruiting Officer

519-756-0113 ext. 2401


Constable Basia Hasham             

Recruiting Officer  


519-756-0113 Extension 2845   


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