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The Brantford Police Service recognizes the value in hiring experienced officers who are wishing to continue their career in the City. The Brantford Police Service is a proud Service who is an equal opportunity employer and very progressive in nature.

Important Information;
A candidate's previous policing experience is recognized for the purposes of salary classification and vacation entitlement.
Seniority date shall be defined as the length of continuous service with the Brantford Police Service. Seniority date is used during the selection of annual leave and in the event of a layoff.
Members begin receiving benefits on the first day of employment and all members are required to contribute to the OMERS Pension Plan. Police Service Premium Pay is calculated as continuous service with the Brantford Police Service.
Below are the steps for applying to our Service if you are an officer serving in Ontario, or with the RCMP, and have completed your probationary period.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact P.C. Shane Seibert, Recruiting Officer at (519) 756-0113 x 2204  or Marva Usher, Recruiting Co-Ordinator at (519) 756-0113 x 2232

Step 1:  Submit your resume and cover letter to the attention of Mrs. Marva Usher, Recruiting Co-Ordinator, either on-line to, or mailed to Brantford Police Service, Box 1116, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5T3.

Step 2: If selected to move forward the Recruiting Officer will contact you and set up a meeting to discuss your application, experiences and skill sets.

Step 3:  Complete Candidate Confidential History Form, Waiver of Collection of Personal Information, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Pre-background and Brantford Police Service Supplemental Pre-background Questionnaires. Candidates will also be required to provide proof that they have obtained their fitness pin within the past twelve months.

Step 4:  Panel Interview ? Once your resume and completed forms outlined in Step 3 are evaluated, you may be contacted to attend an interview with up to three Senior Officers. This behavioural-style interview will be approximately sixty (60) minutes and will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate how you display the essential competencies of a police officer through your day-to-day experiences.

Step 5:  Completion of psychological written tests (MMP12 & 16PF) and one-on-one interview with Service psychologist.

Step 6: A background investigation will commence.  We will only contact your current police service once all other references have been interviewed.  Candidates will be required to provide copies of their last three performance evaluations at the outset of this stage.

Step 7:  A medical evaluation will be conducted by our Service physician.

Step 8:  The candidate will be assessed overall and in comparison to other candidates before a job offer is made to the most suitable candidate(s) applying for the position(s).