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Brantford Police Service

Experienced Part-Time Officers

The Brantford Police Service is currently accepting applications from experienced police officers for Part-Time Constable positions.
An urban growth centre, Brantford has a current population of 100,000 and is a destination of choice for many families arriving from the Greater Toronto Area.
Centrally located on the banks of the Grand River, Brantford is within an hour’s drive of the Greater Toronto Area, London, USA/Canada border, sandy beaches of Lake Erie, and numerous small towns and rural areas. The City of Brantford offers an ideal location for self-motivated officers that have recently retired, are considering early retirement and relocation, or left policing but now wish to re-engage on a part time basis.

Candidates from Ontario Police Services:

Candidates must meet minimum requirements as stated in the Ontario Police Services Act and hold a certificate in Basic Constable Training from the Ontario Police College. Candidates must also have been a police officer in Ontario for a minimum of five years and have not been out of policing for more than five years. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 


Candidates from RCMP and Other Provinces:

Candidates must have successfully graduated from RCMP Depot Basic Training or Basic Training from a Police Training Institution recognized by the Ontario Police College.
Candidates must not have been out of policing for more than three years and must have been proficient at uniformed, front line, patrol duties.
Candidates from other Provinces other than RCMP will be required to successfully complete the OPC equivalency exam. 


All Candidates:

  • The Part-Time Constable is a casual position and shall only be employed by the Brantford Police Service to augment the full-time members in frontline, uniformed duties as per the Collective Agreement
  • The Part-Time Constable must be able to pass Use of Force Certification as per Provincial Standards and have, or be able to obtain, a First Aid/CPR certificate
  • Compensation is that of a First Class Constable
  • The Part Time Constable will be a member of the Brantford Police Association and pay dues accordingly. The member also has the legislated benefits through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and the Employment Standards Act. Exclusions are noted in the Collective Agreement.
This is an ideal position for officers that have recently retired, intend to retire, or have divested from their police pensions early but want to remain active in some capacity in policing.  

Interested persons are required to submit a resume to the attention of:  

Chief of Police Robert A. Davis
c/o Human Resources Manager
Brantford Police Service
344 Elgin Street, Brantford, ON, N3S 7P5