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P.O. Box 1116, 344 Elgin Street, Brantford, Ontario
Telephone 519-752-3140 Fax 519-752-3307 e-mail:

Victim Services of Brant is a non-profit, community-based agency which assists police, fire and other emergency services in providing short-term, emotional and practical assistance to victims of crime, tragic circumstances and disaster.  Watch our video:

Victim Services of Brant was one of the three original pilot projects for Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Service (VCARS) in Ontario. There are now 46 VCARS sites throughout the Province.

Crisis assistance is provided by specially-trained volunteers who are on call to emergency services in Brant County, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. These volunteers are trained, crisis interveners from within the community and understand the particular needs of our area. A comprehensive screening process and ongoing training ensure that victims are assisted with confidentiality, dignity, respect and compassion.

Referrals may include such incidents as:

? spousal assault;
? family occurrence;
? sexual assault;
? assault;
? robbery and
? fire.

In 2009, Victim Services of Brant, Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Service (VCARS) Program responded to 420 occurrence calls. A total of 293 calls or 69% of the requests were received from the Brantford Police Service. Requests for service included: Accommodation calls at 29%; domestic violence 33%; sexual assault 8%; sudden death 6%; and assault 6%.

The Court Assistance Program helped 601 new clients in 2009. Of these, 408 or 67% were domestic violence-related occurrences. The SupportLink Program received 75 new applications in 2009. The ALERT Program received 68 new applications to the program, and 43 units were installed in 2009. The ALERT and SupportLink Programs are for high-risk clients of domestic disputes. The VQRP, Victim Quick Response Program, served 90 clients.

There were 87 active volunteers with Victim Services of Brantford in 2009. The agency?s staff includes:

Penny McVicar Executive Director
Pat White Program Coordinator
VQRP Coordinator
Lia Vlietstra Victim Support Worker
Shelly Prendergast Administrative Assistant.
Becky Shelby Victim Support Worker
(weekend coverage)
Mindy Hunt Victim Support Worker
(weekend coverage)

For more information contact:

Victim Services of Brantford Police Service
Located at the Brantford Police Service
344 Elgin Street (at the corner of Elgin and Gretzky Parkway) P.O. Box 1116
Phone (519) 752-3140

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After Hours: Contact your local police agency to have Victim Services activated. Check out Victim Services of Brant?s website at

(Lt. to Rt.) Pat White & Penny McVicar