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Firearm Surrender Program - News

Firearm Surrender Program - News

Firearm Surrender Program - News

Firearm Surrender Program

Apr 3, 2018

Gun Amnesty

The Brantford Police Service will be participating in a Community Safety Initiative Program during the month of April.  In conjunction with a provincial program run by the Ontario Provincial Police, this initiative will provide citizens a safe and easy opportunity to surrender firearms and ammunition for destruction.

The aim of the firearm surrender program is to improve public safety by reducing the number of firearms in our community.  The amnesty will give citizens a way to safely dispose of unwanted, unlicensed and unregistered firearms.  The program will be extended to all firearms including handguns, long guns, restricted, non-restricted and prohibited weapons.  Additionally citizens will be encouraged to turn in any unwanted ammunition, replica firearms, pellet guns or antique weapons.  There will be no fee charged to surrender these items and there is no financial reward for doing so.  This program is aimed to further reduce the risk to the public and assist in ending the amount of firearms that end up in the possession of people with criminal intent. 

During the program community members will need to:

  • contact the Brantford Police Service and NOT bring the items into the police station itself by calling 519-756-0113
  •  the callers information will be collected and they will be contacted by a Community Patrol Officer
  •  each item turned in will be logged with make, model and serial number
  • each item will be screened to determine if it falls under the amnesty program

Please note that this is not an anonymous program, you will be required to provide your information.  Each case will be examined to determine if it meets the guidelines of the amnesty program and a Firearm Amnesty Form will be required to be completed.  If the firearm has been used in the commission of an offence or does not meet the guidelines of the amnesty program a police investigation may take place.   

   "Together we can build a Stronger and Safer Community?

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