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Home Security Challenge

Is your home likely to attract a potential burglar?

 Outside Home

1. Are there clear views of all windows and doors?

_ Yes _ No

The more private an area is , the more likely it is to attract the attention of a criminal. Trim trees and shrubs that block sight lines to your windows and doors.

2. During the evening there is visible interior and exterior lighting that gives the impression you are home even when you are not?

_ Yes _ No

Install lighting to eliminate dark areas around doors and windows. Use motion lights with a low intensity feature as an alternative to bright constant level lighting.

3. Doors

Do all of your exterior doors (including the house to garage door), have a deadbolt with at least a one inch throw?

_ Yes _ No

Criminals with tools easily defeat conventional key in the knob locks. Deadbolts should be installed for the best security.

4. Are the screws that secure your entry doors and strike plates at least 2 1/2 inches long?

_ Yes _ No

Most door installations use screws less than 1" in length. This results in a door that appears secure but is relatively weak and easily prone to being kicked in. Door kick break ins are very common. To secure a door properly, the screws should be at least 2 ? to 3 ? inches long. The strike plate should have a minimum of 4 screw locations.

5. Have you taken steps to reinforce any windows located in or next to doors?

_ Yes _ No

Glass within 40 inches of a door lock can be broken and a criminal reach in to unlock the door. The security of windows at the sides of doors can be improved by adding a polycarbonate panel or security film. Call Crime Prevention for details.

6. Is there a convenient way of clearly seeing who is at your door without opening it?

_ Yes _ No

Every entrance door should have a convenient way of clearly seeing who is there without opening it. For most doors this will require the installation of a wide angle lens peephole or door scope. This will allow you to keep your door locked while assessing a visitor prior to opening the door. Chain locks should not be used as a security device as they can be easily broken. A locked screen door will provide some extra security but should not be relied upon to prevent entry.

7. Sliding Doors

If you have a sliding door, do you have screws in the top of the track to prevent the door from being lifted out when it is in the closed and locked position?

_ Yes _ No

There is a 1" gap at the top of sliding doors which allows them to be lifted in and out of their tracks. The addition of three flat headed wood screws in the upper track of the door in the closed position will prevent criminals from lifting them out.