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Strangers are people that you do not know. There is nothing wrong with saying hello to someone you pass on the street. Nor is it a problem to make small talk to an elderly lady on the bus. On the other hand, you should walk away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, for any reason.

If someone who makes you uncomfortable tries to follow you, run to the nearest place you know is safe (like school, a store, your home) and ask for help.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Just because someone looks normal, doesn't mean he or she is harmless. Someone who looks strange isn't automatically dangerous. It's the way the person behaves not the way they look.


Since animals can't talk, there's often no way to tell if they're angry, hungry, unfriendly, or just want to be left alone. As a result, it can be dangerous to pat or interact with an animal you don't know.

*Don't play with other people's pets, particularly dogs, if the owner isn't around.

*Always ask a pet's owner for permission to pat or touch the animal.

 *Always approach dogs slowly, letting the animal sniff your hand for a few seconds before petting it gently.

Bicycle Safety

Tips to ensure a safe bike riding experience:

*Always wear a safety approved bicycle helmet when you're riding to protect your head from injury in case of a fall.

*Always wear brightly coloured clothing when biking.

*Equip your bike with reflectors.

*Keep to the right, and NEVER ride against traffic.

*Ride safely.

Parks & Playgrounds

If your looking for a place to walk, run, or play catch outside, parks and playgrounds are perfect. In fact, many have been created especially for kids, and have all kinds of great play equipment, like swings, slide, sandbox, monkey bars, see- saw, a merry-go-round, and other climbing equipment.

Of course, you must still follow certain safety rules. Don't go to parks or playgrounds without an adult, unless you have your parent's permission.