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Brantford Police assist City Officials at Homeless Encampment

Dec 4, 2019

On Wednesday December 4, 2019 at approximately 9:00 a.m. the Brantford Police Service attended with City officials to the encampment known as the "Welcome Love Camp” that is currently set up on both private and City owned property. City officials were going to be cleaning up part of the encampment that was on City owned property. The Brantford Police Service attended to assist with keeping the peace as a coordinated effort was being made to assist those that were living in the area. Occupants had been given notice in advance of today’s efforts and had been advised that they were trespassing. Occupants were given ample notice that they would need to relocate and the area of the encampment cleaned up. Emergency Shelter facilities and support services were set up to help those that may have been affected prior to today’s events.

Upon Police arrival, a fire was seen encompassing part of the encampment and Officers had to move quickly in order to rescue an individual before he was injured. Brantford Fire was contacted, attended and quickly extinguished the fire. A criminal investigation is now being conducted into the fire and how it started. While Officers were onscene, Emergency Medical Services needed to be contacted for a male who was found unresponsive in the encampment and who may have been suffering from hypothermia.

The Brantford Police Service will continue to assist in keeping the peace while the City and other agencies work to assist those that belong to this encampment.

"Public Safety in Partnership with our Community”