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Civilian Merit Awards

Mar 12, 2020

Brantford, ON: On Thursday, March 12, 2020, members of the Brantford Police Services Board presented two Civilian Merit Awards to local citizens Brandi Dunford and Jared Houliston who have demonstrated selfless actions to assist fellow community members in crisis.

Brandi Dunford

On March 6, 2019, Brandi Dunford played a significant role in helping a distraught male in crisis. Travelling on North Park Street, she observed a male on the bridge overlooking the 403 Highway. Without hesitation, she approached the male and spoke with him, preventing him from harming himself. With the assistance of an off-duty police officer and other persons who had arrived on the scene, Brandi helped detain the male until police arrived and he was eventually pulled to safety.

Brandi Dunford is to be commended for her selfless actions. Her quick response and kind nature prevented what could have been a tragic event from occurring.

Jared Houliston

On December 16, 2019, while driving northbound on Paris Road, Jared Houliston observed a young female walking northbound along Paris Road. He also noticed a male walking southbound on Paris Road towards the female. The male had his hood pulled up and he was acting in a suspicious manner.
Jared witnessed the male grab the female. She broke free from her assailant and ran away. Jared immediately turned his vehicle around and caught up to her. After confirming that she did not know the male, he drove after the male, stopping his vehicle to pursue him on foot once he was closer. 
When the male disappeared into the backyard of a resident, Jared returned to his vehicle and drove to the street where he believed the male would emerge. He called police and then gained the assistance of a mail carrier, who alerted him when the male emerged. Jared was able to obtain the license plate of the vehicle the male got into and relayed the information to police. Once police were on scene, he attended the female’s school to check on her and provide a statement to police.

Jared Houliston is to be commended for his noble and selfless action. The subsequent arrest of the assailant was the direct result of his quick and thorough response during a disturbing situation.

"The Police Services Board is proud to recognize Brandi and Jared, two citizens who stepped up to assist in these situations to help make our community a better and safer place.” Mark Littell, Chair, Brantford Police Services Board

"I would like to commend the exemplary actions of both Ms. Dunford and Mr. Houliston. While protecting their community, they have both demonstrated strength of character. Engaged citizens who are alert and ready to assist in times of need are our community’s first line of defense. Public safety is a shared responsibility and our service is strengthened when we work in collaboration.” Chief Rob Davis  

"Public Safety in Partnership with our Community”