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Task Force to Investigate Gun Related Crime

Apr 25, 2019


 As part of Brantford Police Service’s commitment to community safety, a Task Force has been created to focus enforcement efforts on gun-related crime


The City of Brantford witnessed a substantial increase in the prevalence of guns and gun violence over the past 15 weeks. Since January 2019, there have been 16 gun-related incidents, including the seizure of four loaded handguns and eight shooting incidents, which resulted in seven shooting victims, one a homicide. These incidents were not random criminal acts; the persons involved are believed to be entrenched within criminal and high-risk lifestyles, and in most cases were known to each other. Regardless, these incidents and the increased presence of guns in our City pose a significant risk to community safety.

"It is of great concern that a number of these incidents could have resulted in innocent bystanders being harmed”- Chief Geoff Nelson

"The behaviour and utter disregard for community safety demonstrated by the persons responsible for gun violence within Brantford will not be tolerated. All incidents will be investigated to the highest standard and degree.” – Inspector Scott Williams

On April 8, 2019, the Brantford Police Service created a new Task Force to specifically focus on gun-related crime. Today, additional resources have been added to the Task Force.

"The creation of this Task Force was absolutely necessary. Elimination of gun violence in our City requires a properly resourced and specialized unit to focus its efforts exclusively on those individuals who pose a threat to the safety of our community. These individuals will have the full attention of the Task Force.”  – Chief Geoff Nelson

2019 Gun and Gun Violence Incidents
1. Arrest Possession of a loaded handgun
2. Arrest Possession of a loaded handgun
3. Arrest Possession of a sawed-off shotgun
4. Arrest Possession of a shotgun
5. Arrest Possession of a loaded handgun
6. Arrest Possession of a loaded handgun
7. Arrest Shooting suspect
8. Shooting Male victim shot; residence window shot out
9. Shooting Male victim shot
10. Shooting Two males exchanged gun shots; male victim shot
11. Shooting Shots fired inside a residence
12. Shooting Shots fired into a residence
13. Shooting Two male victims shot
14. Shooting Homicide
15. Shooting Male victim shot
16. Seizure Sawed off rifle

All 16 gun-related incidents in Brantford this year have involved individuals from Brantford, as well as persons connected to several other Ontario communities.

"This is not just a Toronto or Ottawa issue. Gun violence is an Ontario issue. The Task Force will not only focus on threats that exist within Brantford, it will work collaboratively with Gun and Gang Task Forces in other communities.” – Chief Geoff Nelson

Brantford Police Services will continue to work with community partners and stakeholders to develop and implement immediate and long-term strategies that will help enhance safety for everyone in the community.

Community safety is a responsibility we all share. The support of the community is essential for police to be effective in what they do. The Brantford Police Service is asking that anyone with information about criminal activity involving guns, or other crimes of violence, to please call the Task Force Tip Line at 519-756-0113 Ext. 2853, or email the Task Force at